Alicante Covid-19

14 more dead in Alicante from Covid-19


There are 14 more deaths reported in the province of Alicante due to coronavirus. The number of deaths increases compared to the previous day in which there were six deaths – 607 people have been admitted to Alicante hospitals, 143 of them in ICUs bringing the total number of deaths to 283.

In the Valencian Community there are 35 more deceased and the global number rises to 672. With the curve of infections and hospitalised by coronavirus decreasing little by little.

So what are the next steps that will be taken on the road ahead?

The most important requirement is the arrival in rapid tests to diagnose asymptomatic cases. According to the Minister of Health, Ana Barceló, tests will be applied to workers to allow a gradual return, this will be supported by a certificate to show that someone is not sick and avoid any spread.

The Spanish government has sent into the community 86,973 rapid tests to detect the disease. These tests will be aimed primarily at hospital workers who remain in quarantine, also residents and geriatric workers, security forces and essential services.  Until now, the test that has been used to determine if a person is infected is the so-called PCR, which allows detecting a fragment of the genetic material of the virus. Now the tests being used are simple and fast diagnostic tests. The rapid tests results are available in 10-15 minutes whether a person is infected or not, compared to 4-5 hours for PCR.

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