Flu vaccinations to begin in Spain

With the onset of Autumn, the Spanish Health Ministry has announced plans to offer flu vaccinations to seventy-five per cent of all citizens over the age of 64.


Launching the campaign, earlier this week, Health Minister Ana Barcelo, also promised that the vaccinations would be made available to sixty per cent of pregnant women and all health workers.

The minister explained that the vaccination strategy will be aimed at people who reside or work in care homes and day centres at the beginning of the campaign so that they are preferably vaccinated during the first week.

An initial order of 810,000 doses has been placed, with priority given to care homes, who will receive their required amount, from their corresponding health authority.

“The campaign is targeted to avoid complications caused by the illness, therefore, it is aimed at the population groups most susceptible to these complications and other special groups, it is not intended to vaccinate the entire population, only those included in the so-called groups of risk for the flu”, said Barcelo.

Adding that, “Vaccination of health personnel is a priority and should occur at the beginning of the campaign.”

Those patients considered to be most at risk from the flu, will be contacted during the remainder of September and invited to make an appointment at their local Health Centre, once the campaign begins on Monday, October 5

This year, the vaccinations will not be available over the counter at chemists, or via walk-ins, owing to coronavirus restrictions, so anyone wishing to receive one, should make an appointment at their nearest Health Centre.

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