Abbey Road earns its stripes


THE zebra crossing on London’s Abbey Road has undoubtedly become the most famous street crossing in the world thanks to the Beatles iconic album of the same name which celebrated its fiftieth anniversary last year. However, due to the combination of day to day footfall and the huge amount of tourists who use it just for a photo opportunity, it has started to look a bit worn in recent years. Due to the almost empty roads because of the nationwide lockdown, combined with sunny weather, Westminster Council took the opportunity to repaint the famous crossing this Thursday, making it good as new for when the tourists finally return to London.

Minister for Heritage John Penrose said, “this London zebra crossing is no castle or cathedral but, thanks to the Beatles and a 10-minute photoshoot one August morning in 1969, it has just as strong a claim as any to be seen as part of our heritage.” The cover of the album of course featured the famous shot of the Fab Four striding over the crossing in a short break from recording at the Abbey Road studio a few yards away. Only six images were taken due to heavy traffic and no-one involved expected the selected picture to go on to be one of the most iconographic in pop history.

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