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Are tourists arriving in Spain?

Looking at the international flight arrivals today it is expected to see thousands of people arrive into the tourist hotspot areas across the coast of Spain this week. Since travel restrictions were lifted for certain counties and also that the UK government had removed the 14 day quarantine period from 6 July, tourism seems to of been kicked off with flights and travellers heading for the Spanish sunshine.


A large number of people are flooding into the popular towns such as Benidorm and the areas around Costa Blanca as well as areas across southern Spain such as Malaga.

Flight arrivals at Alicante were at its highest number since before the coronavirus lockdown with over 30 international flights with 11 being from the UK and Ireland with 4 from Belgium and also 4 from Holland. These being the top 3 countries followed by 2 flights from Norway, 2 from Germany and 2 flights from Sweden. Other countries included Denmark, Italy, Portugal and Romania.

With the UK having more than one-third of the overall number of arrivals Spain will see that the trend for the Brits this summer being the highest number of international tourists that follows 2019 where more than 18 million British residents came to Spain for a vacation.

There also seems to be a huge demand for ferry and channel tunnel crossings from the UK to France and Spain allowing travellers to drive to their second home, rented villa or apartment as well as those who have second homes in France and Spain.

The channel tunnel website apologises for the problems being encountered due to exceptionally high demand. Stating “High demand on our booking system

“We apologise if you are unable to get into our website. This is due to exceptional demand as everybody is trying to book a holiday on Le Shuttle, the safest way to France and beyond. Please bear with us and try again later. Thank you for your patience.”

With the evidence of foreign travel to Spain, it will now provide some recovery to the tourist economy that has been hit as one of the hardest since the COVID-19 outbreak and lockdown from the middle of March. Tourism is still expected to be around half of its normal numbers during the rest of the year that will result in many business closures and job losses across the tourism industry that will include Hotels, restaurants and bars as well as a vast member of other related suppliers and service providers.

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