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Benidorm Cross bans vehicle access

Benidorm Cross bans vehicle access most iconic landmarks will be accessible on foot only, following new plans to ban vehicles from the vicinity.


Benidorm Cross bans vehicle access

Famous Cruz de Benidorm, may only, be small in stature compared to the scores of skyscrapers over which it commands a spectacular view, but it can be seen from all around the resort, particularly in the hours of darkness, when it’s light is easily picked out in the night sky.

Currently, visitors to the cross are able to drive up to the landmark in vehicles, but with no car parking facilities available in the vicinity, cars are often abandoned at the roadside, while their occupants, walk the last few metres to the top.

According to Benidorm City councillor, Jose Ramon Gonzalo de Zarate, who is responsible for mobility in the resort, the authority has been considering the move for a number of years.

As part of the new plan, two car parks will be created on land halfway up the mountain.

An access control barrier will be installed, allowing residents of the Sierra Gelada houses to drive to their properties.

The area has seen much controversy in recent years, with a council backed clean-up operation, some years ago, causing much anger and distress among residents and tourists.

Over the years, the cross had been adorned with flowers, photos, messages and graffiti of all languages, placed by the loved ones of people who had passed away, but these were removed during the operation.

Explaining the motives behind the new plans Zarate explained that vehicle access has not only encouraged vandalism and graffiti, but also enabled visitors to bring food and drink with them, often leaving their litter and rubbish behind.

He also said the council were committed to encouraging exercise within the local community.

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