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‘Benidorm Resort’ under fire

A recent initiative bringing Benidorm apartments and restaurants together to offer cut price ‘packages’ to visitors, has been criticised by one of Spain’s top tourist bosses.


Jose Luis Zoreda, Vice President of Exceltur, one of the largest travel company’s in the country, told a conference of tourism delegates that, “It is immoral to drop prices and sell Benidorm at 200 euros a week”

The scheme, known as ‘Benidorm Resort’, aims to offer a week in an apartment close to the beach, with breakfast lunch and dinner included for 271€ per person.

A brainchild of ABRECA (Association of bars and restaurants in Benidorm) and COBRECA, (Cooperative of bars and restaurants in Benidorm) together with the local real estate agency Rosemberg and Apartamentos Nicaragua, the initiative has the full backing of Benidorm mayor Toni Perez.

With 259 apartments and 30 bars and restaurants already signed up, ‘Benidorm Resort’, is scheduled to run from October 14th until the end of March 2021.

Bookings are made online, with options from 6 nights only with accommodation in an apartment for 125 euros per person; the same with breakfast for 140 euros each client; with breakfast and lunch for 205 euros; and with full board for 271 euros, according to the prices listed on the scheme´s website where prices drop lower when group bookings are made.

“The idea is to create a large space so that the client is free and is not locked in an accommodation, instead they will experience the whole city, ”Alex Fratini, a member of the Abreca board of directors, explained, “There is nothing like it in Europe,” he added.

Using vouchers, which can be exchanged in participating establishments, “Customers can have breakfast in a cafeteria, eat in a restaurant in the centre and dine in another one further afield,” said Fratini.

However, speaking at the annual, Journado de Tourismo de Benidorm, earlier this week, Exceltur boss, Zoreda, criticised the scheme, calling it the “strategy of despair”.

Addressing Mayor Perez directly, he said, “there are no magic solutions, mayor, the solution is not to throw prices away through joint offers of apartments with bars so that Benidorm sells for 200 euros a week. That is immoral.”

‘Benidorm Resort’, has already attracted a great deal of interest, receiving almost 300 enquiries in the first few days since launch, particularly for November and the festive season.

Apartment Manager Nathalie Rosemberg, said, “We are having very low occupations because there is no international tourism and the Spanish are afraid to travel.”

“People who come regularly are not coming because they think Benidorm is not a safe place. We have to convey that it is,” she added.

“We hope to recover an autumn-winter season that is expected to be disastrous, because of a huge drop in bookings.”

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