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Big Apple boost for Valencia


ONE of the best selling and most influential papers in the USA, the New York Times, has written a very favourable article about Valencian City in its most recent travel guide.

 The papers brief was to recommend six alternatives to crowded and expensive cities across Europe that are popular with American tourists. The Spanish city was Barcelona and Valencia was named as a different destination to the increasingly traveller saturated Catalan capital.

The journalist who wrote the piece praised the cathedral, the Silk Exchange and the green areas, pointing out that the Turia Park is the largest in Spain. The shopping, drinking and eating choices were all praised and much better value than Barcelona without the unwelcome addition of “drunken tourists filling the streets and bars”. The City of Arts and Sciences got a special mention as well as the main markets, both for shopping and architecture. The final selling point was maybe the most important of all – the cities 300 days a year of sunshine as opposed to its northern counterparts cooler and damper climate.

By Simon Russell

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