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“Bored of Brexit” buyers bump property prices


HOUSING prices in the UK jumped by an average of 1.1% in April, the biggest rise in a year and equivalent to £3,500 (about €4,000). Estate agents who were asked said people who had been putting moves on hold due to Brexit concerns were now “bored with Brexit” as the end date for leaving the EU was once again pushed back. The average asking price for a house in Britain is now a shade over £300,000, still slightly lower than 12 months ago but also well out of reach for most first time buyers or people on low incomes.

Market watchers expect to see a major bounce in sales and, probably, prices, when the Brexit issues are finally resolved, whether the UK stays or leaves. Two and three-bedroom family homes are the quickest moving on the property market. This is put down to the simple fact that people forced to move due to a growing family unit don’t have the luxury of waiting for the political landscape to settle down.

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