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Official curfew for Valencian comunidad, measures to be enforced from Saturday 24 midnight


Valencian Community have introduced new measures for the control of COVID-19 effective from 1.00 am on Saturday 24 October until December 9, the following measures are in force:

🔸 Family or social gatherings in public and private spaces between non-cohabiting people is limited to a maximum of 6 people.

🔸 Parks and outdoor space areas will open from 08:00 in the morning to 22:00 at night.

🔸 In hotels and restaurants a maximum of 6 people are allowed dine together and only at a table, not at the bar, the establishments will close at midnight.

⛔ The sale of alcohol is prohibited between 22:00 at night and 08:00 in the morning, except in hotels and restaurants.

🔹 In addition, the Generalitat Valenciana recommends postponing family events that are not urgent and limiting social activity as much as possible.

3.1 Measures applying to gardens and park and open air spaces.

Parks and open air spaces will remain open only from 8 am to 22pm.

4. Measures applying to Restaurants and Hospitality establishments.

4.1. Consumption of food or alcohol always must be seated at a table, inside or outside on terraces.

4.2. At the tables, or table groupings, inside or outside on terraces, the number of people is restricted to a maximum of 6.

4.3. The bars can only be used for people ordering and collecting an order (not to sit or stand at).

4.4. Closing time of establishments will be 0.00 (midnight), not being able to accept orders from 23.00 pm.

4.5. Use of a mask is obliged at all times except at the moment of eating or drinking.

4.6. Strict measures of ventilation and air conditioning must be carried out.

5. Measures Relating to the Sale of Alcohol

5.1. Sale of alcohol is prohibited during the time slot of 22 pm and 8 am of the following day, in all types of establishment that sell to the public, regardless of the licence they operate under, except in the hospitality establishments that will follow the last point

5.2. It is prohibited to drink alcohol in public streets, 24 hours a day.

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