Smoking ban extended to whole of Spain and nightclubs to close

Breaking News COVID-19 Spain latest Health Minister Illa announced this afternoon that the health authorities in all the Autonomous Communities have unanimously decided on the implementation of the following measures, effective immediately.


To try and avoid further spikes across Spain and to contain existing ones, the following implementation of new restrictions will take place with immediate effect across all the autonomous communities. The health minister Illa decided on the measures today 14 August 2020 following the recent continuation of coronavirus outbreaks.

The measures include no smoking in the street or open air, so this includes outside terraces when a distance of 2 meters between others can not be maintained. The same goes for vaping and water pipes.

Night clubs, discos, late bars will remain closed at all times, Bars, restaurants, cages all will close at 01.00 am. Social distancing must be 1.5. must be applied by customers at the bar and the same distance between tables and all customers. Groups are restricted to 10 people maximum.

From today alcohol consumption in the street is strictly forbidden and authorities are able to enforce the rule by arrest and fines. Every cultural event will be evaluated according to a set of criteria, to decide whether it can take place or not.

It is reported that more PCR tests will be carried out at socio-sanitary centres, like residencies for the elderly and for employees returning to work.

Other recommendations are that people should have as few contacts with people outside direct family group as possible. And any social gatherings should be limited to a maximum of 10 people.

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