Costa Blanca South



WORK on renovating the historic bridge in Rojales along with the weir and water wheel has been suspended due to an extra 100 thousand euros needed to be spent on buying extra granite.


Rojales mayor Antonio Pérez has terminated a 659 thousand euro contract with contractor Aitana, who according to the Informacion newspaper, are willing to finish off the work, but not with the specific material that is only available from one supplier.


The project was aimed to restore the historic site, but now everything has been left in limbo, with no work going on for a number of weeks.


Local residents have been left frustrated with the various road diversions imposed at a key thoroughfare in Rojales, amidst claims that local businesses are losing trade.


Rojales culture councillor Inmacaluda Chazarra Pérez said that work should have been finished on April 22nd, and that the authority were looking to solve the problem through legal channels.

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