British sauces Marmite, HP sauce condemned as filth by Spain


 IGNACIO Peyro, a journalist and author, has written an article for the Spanish version of “Esquire” magazine about the minefield to his compatriots that is British sauces and condiments. He wrote that English mustard is “of such a devastating strength that it scorches the unsuspecting palate” and Marmite he simply called “filth”. HP sauce is “sickly-sweet and unsophisticated” while Branston pickle is “a classic snack for drunk people”.

Some items get a more charitable write-up, notably piccalilli (“that noble Anglo-Indian spiritual creation”) and bread sauce (“a splendid and vital accompaniment to a good Scottish partridge”) while Lea and Perrins was described as the classic addition to Welsh rarebit.

The article was somewhat tongue in cheek and Mr Peyro, who lived in the UK for over two years, actually has a soft spot for much British cuisine, notable traditional pies, roast beef, kippers, soups, oysters, berries and their “very good eggs”, not to mention the beer. However, he saved one last barbed comment for the humble rhubarb “to be honest, I don’t think anyone from the continent ever gets used to it” he wrote.

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