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A LOCAL charity is appealing for people to get their knitting needles out to help provide homeless people with blankets.

The idea came after HELP Vega Baja donated five thousand euros to a Cruz Roja project at their centre in Guardamar to help those without a roof over their heads.

Some of the HELP volunteers then suggested knitting some blankets which they could donate.

HELP President Michele Masson said:- “Over the last two months many of them have dug out knitting needles and made square after square with the end result being some beautiful and warm blankets.”

Masson added that the idea has blossomed around the area, as it also helps people to come together.

The blanket squares measure in at 14 x 19 cms each, and if you want to go the full hog of coming up with a complete blanket, they come in at 142 x 114 cms.

Once they are finished, HELP volunteers will hand sew in labels in the finished items.

Any donations of wool or needles would be appreciated and these can be left at HELP´S San Miguel de Salinas Centre on a weekday between 10.00 am and 1.30 pm.

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