Cheating Commander in Chief


PRESIDENT Trump has been accused of many things since becoming leader of the free world, collusion, misogyny, racism, abuse and downright stupidity to name but a few. However recent allegations may prove too much for some of his conservative supporters – he is accused of cheating at his beloved golf. The sport, both a hobby and a business for him, takes up an inordinate amount of his time according to his many detractors. However in his new book “How Golf explains Trump” writer Rick Reilly examines the president’s claims to have won 18 club tournaments and to have a handicap of less than three (for non golfers that is an extremely high level, especially for an overweight 72 year old who swings the club as if he is swatting away a rather annoying wasp).

Reilly describes the Donalds 18 win claim as “over the top crazytown” and closer examination finds that the number is actually closer to, well zero. The only club plaque with the Trump name on it as a winner is his own course in West Beach Florida for 1999 – bizarrely the year before the course opened. On another bizarre occasion, he played on a different course from where the championship was being held, claimed to have shot a 73 and declared himself the winner. There is no record of any club, even those he owns, backing up his claim to have won their championship. So just harmless fun or something more serious? Well love it or hate it, golf is a game built on trust and honesty, something many feel are attributes that Trump lacks in major quantities. To quote Mr Reilly “Golf is a lot like bicycle shorts. It reveals a lot about a man”.

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