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Child sex blackmailer before the courts


PROSECUTORS have asked for a five and half year jail sentence for a Gandia man accused of setting up a meeting between a teenager and adult male with the express intent of blackmailing the older man. The scam started on the website where a young woman, calling herself Nerea and who said she was 18, offered to have sex with the man for cash. They arranged to meet at a Gandia address via WhatsApp.

Upon entering the house, he met the young woman and handed over €50, as well as his wallet and phone. The pair went to the bedroom and both stripped down to their underwear at which stage the defendant rushed in and informed the man he was in trouble as “he had raped an underage girl”. He demanded money to “fix the problem” and after two hours of intimidation, the victim agreed to withdraw cash from an ATM. As well as the defendant his young accomplice, a 17-year-old girl, is also on trial.

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