Coronavirus cases continue to diminish

Moving on with the deescalation process in Spain, 70% of the population move to Phase 2 with the following areas:


Provinces of Ciudad Real;

Albacete and Toledo in Castilla-La Mancha;

Andalusia, the provinces of Málaga and Cuenca

Totana in Murcia

Also the healthcare areas in Girona and Cataluña Central, as well as Alt Penedès and El Garraf in Catalonia; and the healthcare area of El Bierzo in Castilla y León.

Speaking at a press conference on Thursday eventing, Health Minister Salvador Illa indicated that “from Monday June 1 that the regions that have been given the green light to transition to a new phase of the government’s coronavirus deescalation plan.

The remaining 30% will be in Phase 1, around 15 million people, with just over 32 million people in Phase 2 and 45,000 people in Phase 3.

According to the government’s deescalation plan, each phase must last for at least 14 days, although some regional authorities have requested permission to accelerate the process.

Recent cases of Covid-19 in Spain are down to a few, with one single death in 24

hours reported on Thursday, for the second consecutive day. There have been 38 fatalities in the last seven days.

According to the latest available numbers, there were 182 new infections in the last 24 hours confirmed through PCR lab tests. Of these, nearly 72% were located in the region of Madrid and Catalonia.

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