Crashing error from Villa captain


ASTON Villa captain Jack Grealish, touted as an England player of the near future, is in trouble after crashing his top of the range car while supposedly on lockdown. The incident happened on Sunday morning and came to light after mobile phone footage was shot of the dishevelled star wearing a hoodie, shorts and mismatched slippers. His £80,000 Range Rover hit at least two other vehicles in the affluent Dickens Heath area of Solihull at around 8am, allegedly after a party at a former team-mates house.

Witnesses said that Grealish looked “unsteady and confused” but also appeared angry. He was also keen to leave the scene and, after leaving details with a resident, walked away rapidly. To add to his embarrassment just hours earlier he had posted a video urging people to stay in during the current lockdown in the UK – advice he clearly felt didn’t apply to him. He has since said he is “deeply embarrassed” by the incident saying, “I got a call off a friend asking to go around, and I stupidly agreed. I don’t want anyone to make the same mistake I did”. Whether the police or his club will take further action is yet to be seen.

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