Deadly doorstep delivery


POLICE in Canada are looking for a man who fired a crossbow point blank at a woman after posing as a parcel delivery man.  The event happened at the end of last year in Ontario, but the police have asked the public for help after failing to identify the aggressor despite several clues. The biggest of these is the presence of CCTV footage taken at the residence where the victim lived and released for the first time this week. The clip shows a white or Latino moustachioed man in uniform, wearing a cap but with his face still visible. He is holding a large box and when the 44 year old woman answers the door he fires the crossbow which was concealed in the box, spearing her in the chest. He then fled to a waiting truck, regarded as a further clue.

The victim survived but her injuries were described as life-threatening; though she is expected to live doctors say that her wounds will be “life-changing” and she will never make a full recovery after several major organs were damaged. The woman saw the man but did not know him and they also exchanged a few words before he fired. The nature of these has led the investigators to believe he may have been paid by someone else to murder the woman. She was targeted at her home in a middle-class suburb of the city and local residents are both shocked and worried after the event.

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