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Family Medical Centre (behind the scenes)


The most important thing in our clinic is the patient. It is very important that the patient feels welcome and that he or she knows what is going to happen.
That’s why there are a few things we work on so your visit here goes as good as possible.
It is very important that you communicate with the patient. If you don’t do that, it could be very unclear for the patient. You have to do that in a polite way. The patient has to feel welcome here and he or she needs to have the feeling that you’re here to help them. That’s why we always welcome the patient and ask them why they’re here and how we can help them.
It’s also good to give clear instructions. For example, it is important to keep patients fully informed of any waiting times so they do not become anxious. When they are called to see the doctor or clinician, you have to make sure that they know where to go.
After the appointment, clear instructions are also very important: does the patient understand any medication? Do they need another appointment?
You also have to think about the language. If the patient speaks another language, maybe a colleague can help you translate.
It is also important to build up a good clinical team. If you have colleges who don’t really care about the patient and don’t give the patient the attention they need, it is not right for the patient.
Normally the patient comes here because he or she has a problem and sometimes they don’t even like to talk about that. If the staff are not interested, the patient won’t feel comfortable and you probably won’t see them again!
Decor and Uniform
When you plan to open a clinic, you have to think about the decor. It is important that you have separate clinical rooms, a waiting area and reception facilities. You also need some disabled facilities such as access to the clinic and bathrooms.
Colours are important. If you choose all kinds of colours, it can be very disturbing for the patient.
You can also choose to make everything white which looks very fresh but it tends to make it look very cold and clinical.
We have chosen 2 colours: off white and purple. We have continued the theme throughout the clinic.
In this clinic, we all wear a uniform – purple themed of course! By wearing a uniform, it makes it clear to the patient that you are the health professional. This not only gives the patient confidence in you but it makes it easier for the patient to discuss personal and maybe intimate problems with you.
It is important to ask the patient if they have any questions, especially as they are leaving a consultation.
Many times the patient comes with one specific problem but they also have something they may be afraid to mention or they don’t think it is that important.
Many times a clinician can gain a “golden nugget of information’’ just by asking the patient if anything else is bothering them.

This article was supplied by Chanel Prins Roc Mondriaan, Dutch intern at the Family Medical Centre


For more information or to book an appointment call the Family Medical Centre on +34 966 865 072, emailing us at or on Facebook

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