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Finger licking fraud


ONE of the hottest stories on social media this week concerned a student who ate free at KFC every day for a year by pretending to be from the fast food chains head office. The cheeky scammer was travelling around South Africa, wearing a suit and arriving in a chauffeur driven limousine which was piloted by a friend who is actually a chauffeur – borrowing the vehicle of course. He had knocked up some form of ID backing up his story and would then enter the outlet saying he needed to test for “the quality assurance of the food”. He would even go to the kitchen and take official looking notes while picking out his free samples.

Staff said they were always on their best behaviour when the man arrived, afraid of falling out of favour with the important employee from head office. He has now been identified as a 27 year old student at the KwaZulu-Natal University and police have confirmed he has been charged with crimes of obtaining goods by deception. Social media users offered the man their support with comments such as “Not all heroes wear capes” and simply “I salute you” both posted on Twitter. KFC has not commented, although many think that the free publicity may be worth the price of the hundreds of buckets of complimentary chicken consumed by the unnamed fraudster.

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