Football player alive after being declared dead


A professional football player from The Congo who had a spell in the German Bundesliga has turned up alive and well after being declared dead in 2016. Hiannick Kamba was named as the victim in a car crash while in his homeland when he was aged 29 and still an active player. The body had no identifying documents, cash, mobile or anything else identifying him. However, the Congolese authorities declared the body was that of Kamba and his wife collected an unknown but significant life assurance payment.

This week he was identified working as a chemical technician in the German region of the Ruhr and admitted he was the “deceased” player. He said that he had been abandoned by his friends and family at the time of the accident and when he went to the German embassy in The Congo, they refused to believe him. He is now set to stand witness against his wife regarding fraud concerning the insurance money. It is not known at this stage if the proof of death documentation was falsified or a bad error and who the dead man in the crash was – if there ever was one.

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