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Further extension inevitable


INSIDERS at the Moncloa, the Spanish equivalent of 10 Downing Street, have leaked to the press that it is already assumed that the current lockdown to 11 April will be extended, probably to 26 April. The reason is to relieve stress on Intensive Care Units, and to ensure that efforts made by the vast majority of the public are not wasted, according to reports in media such as “La Razon”. Any further extension will have to go before Congress for approval between 6 and 8 April. However, during the last vote opposition parties such as the PP and Vox both expressed their reservations about rubber stamping further extensions without proof that they were being effective.

Today (Monday 30 March) the State of Alarm was tightened further as the list of those allowed to go to work was reduced. This is currently until 9 April and includes sectors such as construction alongside smaller scale businesses such as pool cleaners and gardeners.

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