Germans unhappy at Balearic travel ban


WHILE the British generally choose the Costas for their new homes in Spain, the German’s have had a long love affair with the Balearic Islands and Mallorca in particular, even referring to it as the “17th German state”. However, this relationship is being put under pressure as those not currently on the island have been told they cannot come to visit their holiday homes this summer season due to the coronavirus crisis.

Estate agents and second home-owners have all criticised the move saying it will cause “irreparable damage” to the Balearics while putting off future investors. Hundreds are set to challenge the move saying that once the State of Alarm is lifted, they should be free to travel. “We are not tourists; we are taxpayers who pay municipal taxes and who contribute to the Island’s economy” said one. President Francina Armengol plans to stick by her ruling, saying it also applies to residents of the Balearics travelling to second homes on the islands, so it is not meant to discriminate against Germans or other foreign homeowners. Apparently, hundreds are ready to challenge the travel ban in court.

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