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Granny forced to delete Facebook photos of grandchildren

UNDER new EU Data Protection Rules (GDPR) a woman has been forced to delete photographs of her grandchildren she had on social media sites Facebook and Pinterest.


The case ended up in court after the kid’s mother had said several times, she did not want the pictures in the public domain as they may end up in the hands of third parties. The Dutch court sided with the mother and the granny will be fined €50 for each day that each photo is kept available on-line.

Technology lawyer Neil Brown said “I think the ruling will surprise a lot of people who probably don’t think too much before they tweet or post photos” – but the new rules are clear he went on. The most reasonable thing would have been for the grandmother to take the photos down when first requested, he added. The ruling applies across all European Countries but has rarely been tested within family environments and is used more for strangers taking images of your children without permission.

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