Guardia Civil break up illegal rave in El Campello

Guardia Civil officers from El Campello descended onto a finca on the outskirts of the town last weekend to break up an unlicensed two day rave party


On learning that the rave was to take place over the weekend, Guardia officers contacted the owner of the venue, during last Saturday, but he refused to cooperate with them.

He had already been denounced on previous occasions for holding such events without the relevant authorisation, so an eviction operation was set up for last Sunday.

As many as 200 people had been due to attend the event, which had been advertised extensively over previous weeks on social media networks.

On arrival at the farm, situated in the countryside, the officers saw around thirty vehicles parked around the property.

When first contact was made with attendees they were able to establish that the event had begun on the Saturday afternoon and was due to continue until late on Sunday.

A total of 89 people,from the provinces of Almería and Murcia, all aged between 25 and 4,5 were identified, cautioned and evicted from the property.

The partygoers were cautioned for violating health regulations against the prevention of Covid19.

Furthermore, several attendees were also denounced for the possession and consumption of narcotic substances, and for carrying knives in public spaces.

Investigations continues, as the agents attempt to ascertain the identity of the rave’s promoter.

Tickets for the event were on sale for 30€ and 50€ via an online booking site, which withheld details of the exact location of the party until the last moment, when ticketholders were informed by a messaging service on their mobile phones.

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