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Italian armed robber arrested in Benidorm


The man, aged 33, of Lithuanian nationality, was carrying a Romanian driving licence, which the police officers realised was fake, as it was missing various criteria.

Further checks revealed that the driver had a European arrest and extradition warrant issued against his name since July 2020, by Italian authorities for suspicion of having participated in the robbery of a jewellery store.

The alleged crime dates back to August 2019 when, together with two accomplices, he allegedly entered a jewellers in the town of Rapallo, Italy, using a pistol to threaten the shop assistant, while the other two suspects, used an axe and hammer to break open display units in the store.

The thieves took off with a large number of luxury branded watches, with a retail value in excess of 180,000 euros.

The detainee is due to stand trial for the robbery in Genoa and faces a prison sentence of more than twenty years if found guilty.

The detainee who was also accused of falsifying documents was placed at the disposal of the Central Court of Instruction, who will carry out the extradition procedures.

During recent weeks National Police divisions throughout the country have intensified the search for dangerous criminals who attempt to avert the course of justice by taking refuge in Spain.

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