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Jaws dwarfing shark spotted off Spanish southern coast

THE second giant shark in just a few weeks has been spotted off the coast of Granada (Andalusia) this week


instilling alarm although marine expert say that they are harmless. The seaborne mammoths, the second-largest member of the shark family eat only plankton which they filter through their specially adapted mouths. This one was only 400 metres from shore off Paloma Beach and it was filmed by a diver and was an estimated eight metres long. A second species was spotted back on 3 May off Calahonda Beach (Motril) and may even be the same specimen but seems smaller. Although the sharks are not carnivorous, people in small crafts such as canoes and boats are warned to avoid them as the huge creatures could tip the boat over. Basking sharks are a more common site off colder Atlantic waters but rare in the warmer waters of the Mediterranean.

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