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Jihadi terrorists arrested in Palma de Mallorca


TWO Moroccan men have been arrested in Palma de Mallorca for threatening to blow up a house they were squatting in, claiming to be Jihadi terrorists. They had been in the flat for a year along with three Spanish nationals, two women and one man. The Spaniards had asked the pair to leave the squat, saying they had only been there as a favour and it was time to move on. One of the detainees then held a large knife to the neck of one of the others, threatening to slit their throat. They also pushed and shook one of the females, slamming her against a wall. One of them then said they were jihadists and would not hesitate to detonate a bomb and kill all five of them. During the altercation the National Police had been called out and arrested the two North Africans. The case is being investigated and it is not clear at this stage if they were terrorists or merely lied about this to further intimidate the other squatters.

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