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Keeping fit in confinement


UNSURPRISINGLY one of the few boom businesses at the moment is the home fitness industry.  Many people are downloading apps, free or otherwise. Those recommended by Tech buying site  include Aaptiv, Fitbit Coach, Asana Rebel, Adidas Training and Nike Training Club.

Alternatively, an overview on the best simple home exercises by LA personal trainer Jessie Pavelka include the following. Air squats (for balance and strength), push-ups (for upper body strength), hip bridges (which are back-lifts, ideal for hip mobility and the lower back), trunk twists (for side muscles) and tricep dips (for arm and shoulder strength). For core body strength try lunges and split squats to help build up legs and glutes. All of the above can be done without any equipment or just something minimal such as a stool. Ensure you do a quick warm up before starting such as marching on the spot for a couple of minutes to get your heart rate up and the blood flowing. Similar moves can be used at the end of the session as a warm down.

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