KING Felipe and Queen Letizia back in public

KING Felipe and Queen Letizia have made their first “real world” appearance” since the State of alarm began back in March


further indicating the easing of the measures that have kept everyone inside for so long, even the heads of states. They have actually done a very good job of fulfilling their royal agenda via video conferencing but this morning (Monday) they both attended the Cotec conference in Madrid which focused on the effects of the virus on social, educational, economic, health and technological aspects of post-crisis Spanish life among others. Felipe opened the speeches saying “The first thing, besides greeting you, is to wish you well. I know that we all share a lot of pain and concern these days, but I think that there is also a great desire that this whole situation of the tremendous damage that the virus is producing and our struggle to break it ends soon and we will be able to overcome it and to face recovery with courage, hope and serenity.” As is so often the case the press focused on Letizia’s outfit “a sober and discreet look with black tapered pants and a sweater with a low neckline.”

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