Covid-19 Spain

No second wave, Spain’s latest COVID-19 facts

Spain’s Coronavirus reports has seen much of the same as in recent days with the region of Catalonia, most affected by 1,444 COVID-19 outbreaks in the last 24 hours with no one reported to have died.


According to the latest reports  released today by the Health Department cases if covid-19 have multiplyed eight times since the state of alarm ended. Within the worst hit areas local government has taken steps to lockdown towns Íscar and Pedrajas de San Esteban, in Valladolid consisting of 10,000 residents.

Other European countries such as the Belgian authorities have banned non-essential trips to Aragon, Navarra, Barcelona and Lleida. Andalusia has 60 cases of covid-19 that require hospital treatment with 8 of those in ICU. There are around 8.4 million residents in Andalusia  the current infection rate being extremely low and in comparison Catalonia has 7. 5 million residents therfore the current new infection rate is running at 0.0192% and overall with the total number of 76,332 infections being just over 1% of the population and is the highest from all of the regions of Spain with Madrid running closely behind with 74,866 infections.

Cases have been slowly increasing since June mainly because of the travel restrictions being eased and the daily rise has increased from around 300 per day to above 3,000 which has not been seen since May 10 when there was 3,046 reported new infections. The overall situation seems to be serious and the concern of a second wave is real although the number of deaths across Spain recently is still extremely low and has seen no significant rise in numbers since early June.

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