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Pensions bonus scandal for Franco era police national


A question in the Spanish parliament last week about pensions bonuses for police officers has revealed that 115 of them are still receiving the top-ups for service during the Franco era regime. At least one of these are linked to atrocities and all of them have ties to a brutal regime that was responsible for tens of thousands of deaths and other outrages. In Spain pensions are boosted by around 15% for each medal awarded, and the 115 all received their medals under Franco. These include Antonio Gonzalez Pacheco, who “won” four medals and receives a 50% pensions bonus, despite being charged with crimes such as torture and beatings of political activists, including a pregnant woman. Jon Iñarritu, the Basque party EH Bildu politician who submitted the question, said “it’s unacceptable, their only accomplishment was to violate human rights.”  Legal attempts have been made to stop the payments, but many lawyers think they are now protected until death as the statute of limitations has expired

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