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The average price of second-hand housing in Spain was 1,715 euros per square metre in April.


This represents an increase of 0.86 per cent compared to March, and over a year, it is a hike of 9 per cent, where in April 2018  the average price was 1,572 euros p/m².


The place to go to for some of the cheapest property prices, on average, is the Murcia region, with a price recorded in April of 1,154 euros p/m².


“Second hand property prices continue to move at a reasonable pace, without experiencing major hikes,” said Ferran Font, director of studies at


He also added that the market in large cities like Madrid and Barcelona remains the least accessible to people who cannot afford expensive properties.


Meanwhile, the price of rental housing registered a slight increase of 0.8 per cent in April.


This puts the average cost per square metre at 8.54 euros per month, returning to identical levels last seen in December 2009.


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