Spain allow travel from June 21

Spain’s Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez announced on Sunday that the country will reopen its borders with all European Union and Schengen-area countries on June 21. The exception will be Portugal, which will have to wait until July 1 on the request of the Portuguese government.
The United Kingdom is still considered an EU member state given that it is in a transition period and enjoys full membership rights. This means that UK travelers will also be able to enter Spain from June 21.

The state of alarm will also end on June 21, meaning that residents in the country will be able to travel freely once more throughout the territory.

Travelers from outside the European Union and the Schengen free-travel area will be permitted to enter Spain from July 1, the prime minister explained, provided there is a reciprocal agreement on travel and taking into account the epidemiological situation in the country of origin, among other factors.

Sánchez told the regional chiefs today that from June 21, travelers arriving in the country will no longer be required to stay in quarantine for two weeks. The prime minister also reported that in the last week, a total of 27 coronavirus-related deaths have been registered according to Health Ministry data, with 235 new infections detected in the last 24 hours. As phase 3 continues to be implimented bars can open 100% of their terraces and 75% of their interiors from Monday 14 June. Social distancing is being reduced from 2 metres to 1.5m and groups of up to 20 people may meet together at restaurants. Discos and night bars may only open at one third capacity and without dance floors, as these establishments represents a “special risk”.
Commercial establishments, museums and show rooms may also increase their capacity to 75%, as may markets and fairs. Also from 19 June, children’s nurseries will be allowed to open.
Municipal pools can open at 75% capacity, time scales for exercise are being removed

Masks must be worn in enclosed public spaces and open spaces where it is not possible to maintain a social distancing of 1.5 metres.

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