Spain COVID-19 lowest number of daily deaths


Spain has recorded their lowest number of deaths in a day on Sunday 19 April,
this is the largest fall since the 22 March. There were 410 recorded deaths in the last
24 hours, a big fall from the 565 yesterday. The highest day was 950 dead on 2 April.
20,453 total deaths in Spain. The rate of infection is still seeing a increase of around 2.2%,to 195,944. The number of recoveries are  77,357, of which 2,695 are new cases in the last 24 hours, still lower than the daily new infections at 4,218. It is reported that In Madrid, 1 in 10 care home residents have died. Spanish prime minister Pedro Sanchez yesterday announces a further extension to the State of Alarm, until the evening of 10 May . However, from 27th April, there will be some restrictions lifted, allowing families to take their children outside for short periods.
Other restrictions in place will be withdrawn during what seems to be a plan of phased
measures that the government experts and will be announced in due course that include people to daily exercise.
Spanish Government Minster also suggests of a two phase recuperation, with hotels and the to sector not likely to be able to return until the end of this year.

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