Spain daily coronavirus deaths fall to 605


Spain has seen a drop in the reported cases of coronavirus deaths in the last day, official figures from the Health Ministry were 605 coronavirus deaths the lowest daily number of fatalities since March 24. April 2 saw the peak of fatalities in Spain, with 950 reported by the Spanish health authorities but total number of deaths exceeds 15,000.

Dr María José Sierra from the Health Ministry’s Coordination Center for Health Alerts said that “the descending trend is continuing these latest figures should be taken with caution.

By region, Madrid remains the hardest hit by the crisis, wth a total of 5,972 victims. Catalonia comes next, with 3,231 confirmed deaths, and then Castilla-La Mancha, with 1,431.

For three days now, the Health Ministry has not been offering the numbers of patients in intensive care units (ICUs), Madrid, however, has supplied these numbers, reporting on Friday that there were 1,399 patients currently in the region’s ICUs, 34 down on the previous day. There are also falls in the total number of coronavirus patients in Madrid hospitals, with 12,432 on Friday, 421 down on the day before.

the outbreak began in the coun

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