Spain government under fire over latest curfew period

Spanish Prime minister Pedro Sanchez is facing growing criticism, from political opponents, scientists and the general public, following his weekend state of emergency declaration.


The nationwide curfew, announced last Sunday, which orders the population to be indoors between the hours of 23.00h and 06.00h ends on November 9th.

However, Sanchez outlined plans to seek parliament’s approval for the state of emergency, which provides the legal framework to take measures and gives each region the right to decide its own policy, to last six months, through until May 2021.

The population is not allowed to move around during the overnight restricted period, unless for specific reasons such as work, medical trips and/or care of dependents.

This rule applies to all of Spain, except the Canary Islands and all regions can start the curfew an hour earlier or delay it to midnight, which is the case in the Valencian Community.

State of emergency measures also allow regions to ban free movement in and out of their borders, which northern regions, Aragon and Asturias immediately implemented last Monday.

Although both main opposition parties, the right-leaning Partida Popular and the centre-right Ciudanos, backed the government’s decision to bring in the new regulations, neither agreed to sanction the state of emergency extension for six months.

Pablo Casado, leader of the largest opposition party, the PP, accused the government of  “sheltering itself” behind the regions and that the decree includes “aspects that may go against the Constitution itself,” such as the provision that “there will be no jurisdictional control” over the coronavirus restrictions.

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