Spain house buying priorities set to change


ONE thing so much enforced time inside has given people to do is evaluate what it actually is they like and dislike about their homes. Analysts believe this will carry forward to the market when business gets back to usual, with five key factors influencing future buying trends.

The first of these is having an outdoor space, preferably a garden but a balcony, terrace or courtyard will all suffice. In an uncertain future being able to enjoy the outdoors without leaving your house will be a big selling point. Next is a space for homeworking (or Teleworking), something many people are now doing for the first time. There has been an increasing trend in homeworking in recent years and the lockdown is likely to further accelerate this with an office space being essential for many new buyers. Larger rooms are also going to be sought out. In Spanish cities and towns relatively, small apartments still have three or four bedrooms, and more open plan living with less walls will give an impression of more space. Larger kitchens are also going to be on demand with many properties in Spain having only small galley style cooking areas with so many Spaniards eating some or all of their meals away from home – something that has changed recently of course.

The other two changes are digital ones. Virtual tours of prospective buys are one to avoid having to travel in person to every potential new home. The final item is a reduction in physical paperwork, a laborious process which often involves travelling between various places to complete a sale. Digital signatures could mitigate much of this, something that many buyers and sellers feel should be happening anyway.

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