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Spain’s latest COVID-19 cases news of being more than in UK

Latest reports from Spain’s health authorities say that there are up to 580 active outbreaks reports with 6,900 associated cases. That’s according to the latest figures released on Thursday by the Spanish Health Ministry. This represents a rise of nearly 100 outbreaks since last week, when the figure was 483.

46 outbreaks with more than 1,500 cases, have been detected in Spain’s nightlife venues, this equates to 32 infections each. Defined by the health ministry an outbreak is a group of three or more infections that have a epidemiological link and it is considered active when there has been a transmission within the last 14 days. Homes for the elderly are defined as an outbreak when only one positive case is detected.


Figures released by the health ministry on Friday (yesterday) reported 4,507 new coronavirus cases, of which 1,895 were diagnosed in the last 24 hours compared to 1,683 were diagnosed in the previous 24 hours, a lower number than from Wednesday where a total of 1,772 new cases were reported.

Fernando Simón the director of the Health Ministry’s Coordination Center for Health Alerts said at a government press conference on Thursday, that an increasing number of outbreaks are related to night time venues such as bars and clubs as well as social gatherings. Industry related outbreaks were also a factor with 30 outbreaks and 500 cases reported with workers at a food processing companies.

Although transmission in social gatherings, such as parties among family and friends, is on the rise, it is known to be proportionally less dangerous than community transmission of COVID-19 when the origin of the infection cannot be determined.

Community transmission has led to a general rise in all basic indicators of the coronavirus pandemic being the number of new cases diagnosed, hospitalizations, intensive care admissions and the number of deaths.

The detecting process it said to account for around 60% to 70% of all cases, where as during the peak of the pandemic Spain was detecting less than 10% of new cases therefore the current numbers show a massive rise in the total number of reported COVID-19 infections. The fact that the detecting process is so much greater than before can lead to the country leafing the rest of Europe and heading towards a second wave. But this is not necessarily the case because the number of deaths is much lower than the lead up to the peak seen back in May and also the low number of hospitalizations and ICU patents in comparison.

Spain has once agin surpassed the United Kingdom in terms of Covid-19 infections becoming the highest case count in Western Europe. It’s almost the same number with Spain reporting 309,855 cases compared with 309,796 in the UK.

Considering that Spain had come out of lockdown a number of weeks earlier than in the UK and cases were declining rapidly during June it now seems that the surge of new cases and outbreaks are clearly back on the rise.

Spains northern regions of the Basque Country report a 26% rise from a day earlier, the authorities have said that they will begin conducting home visits to check that infected individuals are observing the quarantine rules. The authorities have also said they will offer alternative accommodation to people whose living conditions are unlikely to end the chain of transmission.

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