Spain’s interim government has said that Theresa May’s announcement last Friday that she´s quitting as Prime Minister and leader of the Conservative Party is “bad news” because it will make a “hard Brexit,” where the country leaves the EU without a deal on future relations, more likely.

Government spokesperson and education minister, Isabel Celaá, said that May’s resignation, which would usher in a new prime minister, is not good for those hoping for Britain’s orderly departure from the European Union.

May is “throwing in the towel” and the departure agreement negotiated between her government and the EU has “no chance to go ahead,” added Celaá.

“A hard Brexit is a reality that under the current circumstances is almost impossible to avoid,” Celáa said.

“Britain’s politics are “a clear example of what can happen if we allow ourselves to be dragged by extremisms.”

Sunday´s European election results proved to be a disaster for the Conservatives, as they could finish fifth amongst the UK contenders, with the Brexit Party coming top, and the pro-Europe Liberal Democrats a strong second, as Labour limped in third ahead of the Greens.

The results in Spain, saw the PSOE Socialists as the leading party, as they got nearly 33 per cent of the vote, with the Partido Popular coming second on 20 per cent.

The far-right party, Vox, got elected to Brussels for the first time, with three seats.

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