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Spanish mayor hands out fifty euros

The mayor of a Galician city has come up with a novel way of rewarding both his citizens and the struggling hospitality sector under his jurisdiction.


Gonzalo Perez, who runs the city of Ourense, situated in Northwest Spain, close to the border with Portugal, has pledged to hand fifty euros to every registered citizen, to spend in the hundreds of cafes, bars and restaurants in the city.

With a population of just over 100,000 inhabitants, the generous gesture is likely to cost the city in the region of 5 million euros.

Famous for its Romanesque architecture and hot springs, the city is also renowned for its Ruta de Tapas, which takes in bars throughout the medieval old town centre.

Exact details of how the initiative will work, have not been released by Perez, but the mayor, has expressed his desire to run the offer between April and June 2021, when he hopes coronavirus restrictions will have been lifted.

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