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Spanish supermarket price hikes tracked


MANY shoppers have claimed that supermarket prices have risen since the start of the health crisis and the OCU, Spain’s Consumers Organisation, has this week reported on the results of a full survey into the matter. It concludes that some items have risen, but many of these are to do with seasonal supplies rather than the lockdown situation. Both oranges and potatoes have become dearer across the board as they go out of season, something that happens almost every year. Milk and canned goods have increased in price in many (but not all retailers), probably as a result of supply and demand.

Most markets are well stocked but there have been shortages of flour, toilet rolls, soap and beans. Dia and Carrefour have suffered the biggest shortages generally while Mercadonas are largely stocked as normal. Promotions such as 2×1 offers have slowed down but are still happening in some places while supermarkets have said that at the moment consumers are not too interested in offers but rather well-stocked shelves and the availability of their favourite products.

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