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THE AVERAGE price of housing in Spain increased by 3.9 per cent year-on-year in March 2019, according to property valuation company Tinsa.

The islands and capitals and large cities showed the highest growth, with eight per cent and six point six per cent respectively.

Housing has recovered 13.8 per cent of its value since the post-crisis minimum, remaining 34.7 per cent below the maximum of 2007.

Despite being a modest price rise, the inter-annual 3.9 per cent growth for the third month of the year was the largest of over a decade.

This means that, since the financial crisis, no other March has experienced a more significant average gain in terms of Spanish property prices, according to Tinsa.

Year-on-year percentage rises for March have only been in positive figures since 2016, when the inter-annual increase was a meagre 0.8 per cent.

In March 2017, the figure went up to 2.7 per cent, while last year the average home value was 3.6 per cent higher than March 2017.

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