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Stolen in Santiago de Compostela Galicia five million of Life-saving equipment


A “well-known businessman” in Santiago de Compostela (Galicia) has been arrested on suspicion of stealing five million euros worth of vital medical supplies, including two million face masks, something which are in desperately short supply across Spain. The goods were in a warehouse in Santiago and belonged to a company that had gone bankrupt prior to the current crisis. The health authorities were made aware of the stocks and had authority to procure them but when checking the warehouse found that almost all the vital equipment had been removed including high quality masks, surgical gloves, protective outerwear and sanitizer.

According to eyewitness reports the kit had been shipped out using Portuguese registered transport vehicles, something backed up by CCTV. An investigation began and focused on the local businessman; an estate agent who had been seen several times at the warehouse. It is believed he started the theft once the extent of the health crisis became clear, sometime in February. The supplied have not been traced and may have been sold to a company in Portugal.

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