Takeaways only in Catalonia

Bar and restaurant owners in Barcelona and throughout the region, have reacted angrily to the latest Coronavirus restrictions, announced by the Catalan Government on October 14th.


The new rules require bars and restaurants to close for 15 days, with only takeaway food and home deliveries allowed from premises.

In addition, large retail stores will be restricted to a maximum 30% capacity, cinemas and theatres will be permitted a maximum 50% capacity, down from the current 70%.

Other measures include the suspension of business conferences and trade fairs.

Parks must now close at 8pm andwhile hair salons can remain open as normal, beauty parlours, casinos and betting establishments are ordered to close.

All non-professional sport had been already been suspended, following an earlier agreement, between the Government and clubs and federations. However gyms will be allowed to continue opening at 50% of Capacity.

The new restrictions come into effect this coming Friday, October 16th, but the under pressure hospitality sector has already described the proposals as totally unacceptable.

Bars and restaurants had been working to strict Covid-19 guidelines and social distancing measures, including a 50% capacity limit in some establishments.

Announcing the measures, Vice-President Pere Aragonès said, “We have to make a move today in order to avoid a total lockdown,” while calling for people to limit movement, social interaction and work from home, wherever possible.

The Catalan government has also urged companies and universities to operate remotely for the next two weeks in an effort to curb the surge in infections, seen as “extremely worrying”.

However, a challenge via the courts is widely expected, which upheld will block the restrictions coming into effect, similar to the situation in Madrid last weekend, where a National Government State of Emergency was introduced.

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