TikTok Splash Alicante

A video featuring a group of young men attempting to jump onto an iconic statue in Alicante Port, has received 50 million views on social media platform, TikTok.


The video was posted last month by username Tik-Tok@ivanemonkey, whose contributions feature videos of him and his friends as they practice parkour in and around Alicante.

In part one of the video, the four youngsters manage to land on the famous statue, ‘The Return of Icaro With His Surf Board’, known fondly by locals as The Surfer.

In part two of the video, the boys attempt to jump from the statue, back onto land, only one of them actually make it, with the other three falling back into the waters of the harbour.

Parkour, also known as free-running, is a training discipline using movement that developed from military obstacle course training.

Practitioners, called tracers or traceurs, aim to get from one point to another in a complex environment, without assistive equipment and in the fastest and most efficient way possible.

On this occasion, the men were not as agile as they thought.

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