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Valencia Consell Warns, Family is not a vaccine

Vice President of the Valencia Consell, Monica Oltra, has issued a stern warning to the population of the community she represents.


Speaking after the leader, Ximo Puig confirmed that the Valencia region will be subject to overnight curfew restrictions from early next week, his deputy, Oltra warned families not to become complacent about the spread of coronavirus, because the transmission has generally been low in the region.

“We have to go ahead of the virus because we already know the speed and progression of the virus when it enters community contagion,” said Oltra. “Things are not going well: 1,060 new infections and 43 of the last 49 outbreaks are of social origin”, she added, while calling for public awareness.

Confirming that the curfew, which restricts movement from midnight to 6am until December 9th, will come into effect as soon as the law has been passed by the Valencian Supreme Court, Oltra explained that she is confident the motion will be passed, without having to wait for a decision by National government.

“We understand that we are competent to decide on these measures”, without waiting, she said, “and we have no problem declaring a state of emergency if that gives an umbrella of more legal security, which is not a bad measure, but also not the only one.”

Oltra warned that affection is not a vaccine and getting together with the family is not a vaccine, as although it is our space of comfort and safety, it does not protect us from the disease.

She urged citizens to distance themselves from, “that erroneous feeling of security, because the virus does not understand that this security with your family.” Because “it may be invisible but it is there and it is a very serious threat,” she warned, while revealing that the Consell were looking at stricter measures regarding group gatherings.

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