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Valencia region announce face masks are mandatory in public

BREAKING NEWS – Valencian Community join other regions in Spain to pass a law that makes it mandatory to wear face masks in closed and open public spaces.


The latest anoncment came from the regional government on Saturday 18 July and is due to come into force immediately , requiring everyone to wear face masks in public even when social distancing can be observed. Earlier this week it was reported that Valencia president Ximo Puig had said that he was against bringing in the measure in his region, he was adamant that the fundamental right to be personally responsible to decide when the national law of 1.5m distance cannot be guaranteed. Murcia president Fernando Lopez Miras had introduced the mandatory use of face masks last Monday along with other regions that include Malaga,Andalusia.

Being able to decide when it was necessary to wear a face mask was up until now the responsibility of the public, it was possible to avoid wearing masks in less crowded areas, but from today it appears that the law will withdraw the right to decide by your own judgement and force everyone to observe the rule or get fined 100€

The new rule is set after the rise of infections in the younger age group of 20-40 year old as well as a worrying return of new infections in many areas. Other restrictions include bars and night clubs with only 30%of the inside area and 75% of outside areas.

What do our readers think about the mandatory use of face masks in public even when you are able to guarantee social distancing rules?

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