Virus free Valencia


TWO thirds of the Valencian Communities municipalities have not registered a new Covid-19 case in the past fortnight, announced the regions Health Ministry at the weekend. However, although things are clearly improving the region has been badly hit overall with 11,372 cases registered and 1,190 deaths. Just under 4,000 people are still listed as sufferers and 792 of these are currently in hospital, 154 in intensive care. As with most of Spain, the infection seems to be clustered around major urban areas, in particular Valencia City. There are also 96 nursing homes across the region that have at least one resident who has tested positive and these homes have officially recorded 431 deaths, nine over the weekend.

To reinforce recent progress made Generalitat President Ximo Puig had a meeting with PM Sanchez at the weekend, saying the region was ready to meet the criteria for relaxing confinement rules. These include occupancy at under 50% of ICU wards and falling infection rates.

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