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We’re not all in it together


THE exclusive resort islands of the Hamptons off the New York coast are set to have their best year ever as the mega rich scurry around to find the safest and most luxurious places to self-isolate. Local estate and rental agent Eddie Shapiro specialises in luxury properties and says that this week a potential client called him and said “I am bringing the family up in the car. I’ll be on the road in two hours. I have $ 200,000. I want a house with six or seven rooms. And I want to sleep in it tonight. ” He was able to accommodate the man (and his money) although, at a time when the season is not usually underway supply is running short as millionaires and billionaires rush to the islands. Many have special requirements, from professional tennis coaches to in-house staff.

However, as in places here in Spain the rush to the coast from often badly hit areas is set to put a further strain on already stretched resources, from healthcare to supermarket stocks. There are also reports that these people are more likely to flout containment rules, with the fear of a fine having little impact on the wealthy. Across the planet the rich and Instagram “influencers” are posting images of them isolating on luxury yachts, desert islands (with all mod cons of course) and even taking over whole hotels to avoid coming into contact with the masses.  However, many are finding that the lifestyle envy that has brought them so many followers is somewhat lacking when it appears that money can preserve you even from the worse virus to hit the planet in a century

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